Review – Becoming Frozen: Memoir of a First Year in Alaska (book by Jill Homer)




For around $5 for the Kindle version, this is a good value (I actually picked it up when it was offered for free).



This is truly a well written, engaging and honest book.

The heart of the story is about the authors time spent in Alaska with a focus on her home in Homer, Alaska.  It is a personal account as Jill certainly gives a lot of details about her boyfriend whom she moved to Alaska for/with, Geoff.  While it does not provide a great deal of insight into life in Alaska, I found it to be a truly enjoyable and relaxing read.

Search ID: 1f697ef9-01ff-4b7f-a4cb-ff9dd655702a

Search ID: 1f697ef901ff4b7fa4cbff9dd655702a


Here are just a few quotes that I found memorable or may help give you some idea as to the writing style:

“A ring of snowcapped mountains wrapped around the horizon like a fortress, encapsulating this place as the final bastion of civilization.”

“Here, in the Alaska wilderness, with no one to rely on but myself, I learned the value of embracing the experience – the exhilaration, loneliness, fatigue, pain, terror, and triumph.  The stakes were real, the the accomplishment was satisfying.”

“How could I ever reconcile the desires that made me feel alive, with the tasks that helped stay alive?”


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